Hellbound Hearts: The Influence of Clive Barker on 21st Century Horror - signing in the U.K.

Hellbound Hearts: The Influence of Clive Barker on 21st Century Horror - signing in the U.K.
Updated: 07-01-2011

Aside from Twisted Tales' resident legendary writer, RamseyCampbell, Liverpool has also produced another great master of horror: Clive Barker. Barker's fiction came to international attention with the publication of his Books of Blood in the mid 1980s. His status was considerably enhanced when he adapted his novella The Hellbound Heart into the film Hellraiser, which conquered the world in 1987 and went on to spawn many sequels, as well as a series of comics that explored its mythology. Clive also directed cult film classics Nightbreed (1990) and Lord of Illusions (1995). He designed the creatures and wrote the stories for two successful computer games: Undying (2001) and Jericho (2007) and is the author of many novels, including Weaveworld (1987) and Imajica (1991). Join Twisted Tales for an evening celebrating and discussing Barker's enduring legacy at the UK's official launch of the Hellbound Hearts anthology- a collection of stories from some of the top names in contemporary horror that explore the Hellraiser mythology.

Featuring readings by: Mark Morris: Award-winning and bestselling author of The Immaculate, Torchwood: Bay of the Dead and contributor to Hellbound Hearts. Paul Kane: Co-editor of Hellbound Hearts and award-winning author of The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy and the bestselling Arrowhead trilogy. Marie O'Regan: Co-editor of Hellbound Hearts and award-nominated author of Mirror Mere. Followed by a Q&A with the authors, who will be joined by Ramsey Campbell to discuss the influence of Barker's work on 21st century horror. There will then be a signing session with all four authors. Hellbound Hearts:The Influence of Clive Barker on 21st Century HorrorWaterstone’s Liverpool One6-8pm, Friday August 5thTickets £2**redeemable against any horror bought on the night.

To book tickets please visit the Waterstone's store or call (0151) 709 98 20 Keep visiting the Twisted Tales site for exclusive online content in the run-up to this event!

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