Raze - Exclusive Interview with Robert Beaucage & Josh C. Waller

Raze - Exclusive Interview with Robert Beaucage & Josh C. Waller
Zoe Bell, Rachel Nichols, star in Raze - horror action flick with chicks and chills 'n thrills.
Updated: 01-06-2012



Horror.com first covered a Robert Beaucage production back in 2008, when the filmmaker was talking about having just filmed his romantic dark fantasy feature, Spike. The next year, the movie was a big winner at the Shriekfest Film Festival, opening the door a bit more for the ever-exploring writer/director.


Beaucage has most recently teamed up with producer Josh C. Waller, rounded up two of the most beautiful kick-ass ladies this side of Chloe Moretz's training bra — Zoë Bell, best known for her stunt work with Quentin Tarantino; and Rachel Nichols, known for blending sexuality with substance in roles as the canny Angela in P2 and cerebral Ashley Seaver in the hit TV series Criminal Minds.


Raze, as the producers promise, brings the catfight onto a whole other level. The story was meant for the web as a serial, but accelerated interest over the past month has jettisoned the project into the realm of theatrical releases. (There isn't a date set yet.)


We got the scoop on Raze from those in the know and are proud to present it to you.






Staci Layne Wilson / Horror.com: How did you meet and begin working on Raze?


Robert Beaucage:  Several months ago, Kenny [Gage] and Lou [Iacoviello] pitched an idea to me about abducted women forced to fight to the death.  At that point there wasn't anything written yet.  We developed the idea over the months, on and off while we were working on various other projects.  Josh [Waller] came on and brought a new twist to the story, which I won't go into yet.  He pitched the story to Rachel [Nichols] and Zoë [Bell], and things kicked into high gear.


Josh C. Waller:  Kenny asked me to read a short script and asked me if I would want to help produce it.  After I took it home and read it, my mind immediately went into a tailspin.  I came in the next day with my thoughts, and off it went from there.  They asked if I'd want to direct it, and I accepted.


What is it about Zoë and Rachel that made each of them the right woman for their role?


Waller:  Both Rachel and Zoë have been friends of mine for years.  Both are incredible actors who I feel like hadn't done something like this.  Zoë and I had been trying to find something to work on together for years.  When this came along, she was the obvious choice because of her stunt background, but she also possesses a beautiful emotional life as an actress.  This is a world where both would be needed.  Rachel also has done a lot of great roles that have called upon her physicality, but not like this.  Plus, the film starts off in an almost romcom-type way.  Rachel is one of the most talented and funniest people I know.  It was a no-brainer.  I consider it an honor to work with both of them.


Beaucage:  Rachel plays Jamie, a workaholic, somewhat standoffish woman whom we first meet being talked into going on a blind date.  She meets Zoë's character, Sabrina, when she and Sabrina are put into an arena where they must fight or die -- just like the tagline says!  Zoë, with her background in stunts in addition to her acting chops, was a natural choice both to play Sabrina and also to be stunt coordinator.


Is the 'fight or die' tagline meant to evoke memories of movies like The Running Man and Rollerball?


Beaucage:  Ha!  No.


Waller:  As much as I love those movies, no.  (All respect given to Richard Dawson.)


Who's the audience for Raze?


Beaucage:  Horror fans, action fans, and people who want to see the most kick-ass girl fights of any movie ever.  As Kenny puts it, we're bringing catfights to a whole new level!


Waller:  I agree with Beaucage.  But also, I want to add the suspense factor.  Fans of suspenseful thrillers will love this.  I want to make sure that we're making a film that doesn't just appeal to genre fans.  That said, I can tell you who won't be in the audience -- my cat.  Cats will hate this film. 


How did the project evolve -- it's gotten bigger than you ever imagined it would, right?


Beaucage:  I always imagined it being big, although it has had quite a growth spurt lately.  It's going to continue to get bigger!


Waller:  It's growing immensely.  We knew that the audience would respond positively, but we had no idea it would be like this.  The project has evolved through the input of the fans out there.  That is how all projects are successful these days.  You have to respect your audience and let them be a part of the action. 


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