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Conversation Between TheUltimateDreamWarrior and Roiffalo
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  1. TheUltimateDreamWarrior
    09-23-2017 08:17 AM
    Thank you, Roiffalo. I'll check it out.
  2. Roiffalo
    09-18-2017 05:09 PM
    I'll do you one better! Here's the link to the group. 8)

  3. TheUltimateDreamWarrior
    09-16-2017 07:04 PM
    What's the Facebook group called? I'd like to check it out.
  4. Roiffalo
    08-01-2017 02:06 AM
    Hey, welcome back! Looking up werewolf stills are always a good time!

    Before the site goes down again, you should join the group on Facebook if you have an account.
  5. TheUltimateDreamWarrior
    07-30-2017 07:36 PM
    Oh, finally the site is back up! Good. I was actually looking at stills and gifs of the werewolf from Eric Red's Bad Moon and Dee Wallace from Joe Dante's The Howling, yesterday. I need my werewolf movie fix soon. Glad the site's back up. I decided to randomly check.

  6. Roiffalo
    04-03-2017 07:08 PM
    Hi friend. I'm afraid the site going down chased us all away. I hope you'll come back so we can talk werewolves and horror some more!
  7. TheUltimateDreamWarrior
    01-23-2017 08:56 PM
    I sent you a friend request and added Wolf Cop to my queue on Netflix. I've heard of it. I have a friend who loves cheesy horror films and I remembered he said it was good. The most recent new werewolf film I watched was Late Phases. What an awesome movie! It is so hard for werewolf enthusiasts to get their fix. They don't make as many werewolf films as they do vampire and zombie films. My favorite werewolf films are An American Werewolf in London in first place and The Howling in second place. I have the Gary Brandner novel on my Kindle but I haven't read it yet. I also have the novel Thor by Wayne Smith that Eric Red adapted into Bad Moon. I have to sit down and read them both. I'm reading The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, right now.

    So tell me, which type of werewolf do you prefer, bipedal werewolves or quadrupedal werewolves?
  8. Roiffalo
    01-23-2017 08:27 PM
    Why hello there! Sorry for the late reply. My avatar is Lou Garrou from WolfCop! If you haven't seen it and enjoy horror comedies then you'll love it. It's delightfully cheesy.

    You enjoy werewolves you say? We should be friends.
  9. TheUltimateDreamWarrior
    01-17-2017 07:55 PM
    Your avatar, what movie is that from? I see that you are a werewolf enthusiast. So am I.

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