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  1. Roiffalo
    08-07-2017 07:40 PM
    I can't do anything with technology to save my life, lol. I still think a topic would be a neat idea. Could post it by weekly or so so people can plan accordingly if they wanna make a marathon day out of it. 8)
  2. Repo'd
    08-04-2017 10:21 AM
    I'm a Horror calendar geek. LOL! I make my own every year.
    I've never even downloaded and app much less created one. I'll have to leave that one on you!
  3. Roiffalo
    08-03-2017 07:01 PM
    You seem very aware of horror dates, like celebrities birthdays or death dates. Have you considered doing a topic or such on "this day in horror"?

    Now that I think about it that'd be a great app. Quickly copyright it!
  4. Roiffalo
    07-27-2017 08:24 PM
    Get on messenger, you.
  5. Repo'd
    05-06-2016 03:29 AM
    oh, I do remember now! It sounds like you had a great time.I always need a vacation after my vacation. You?
    Found a few horror goodies? Pray tell, what titles??!! I freaked out last week when I walked in to an FYE and saw a used copy of The Honeymoon Killers on the shelf! I snagged it for 8 bucks, and its from the Criterion Collection, which makes it drool worthy in my opinion. I also grabbed Let Me In for two dollars. I did post a verrrry brief review here, but...ugh :(
    Tokka doing better? Staying upright, I hope.
    Soon to be Mrs Repo'd and I are doing great. Planning the wedding ( even our small one ) is kind of a pain in the ass. lol!! Wish you were closer, I'd totally make you attend!
  6. Roiffalo
    05-05-2016 08:24 PM
    Hey! I was on vacation! lol
    Mentioned it in the Random Things topic but I guess it got buried.

    My friends and I are anxious for MonsterCon but jeezus did I blow a lot of money this past week... I may not be able to afford it, especially after they moved the date ahead almost a month. D8
    If we do miss this one I'll likely catch the Fall one if they do it again like last year. I really want to chill outside and watch the movies they'll be playing though. And free food! Doesn't get better than horror and free food, amirite?!

    Otherwise things are going great. I feel refreshed and found some great horror related books and VHS tapes at some discount book stores. Also got some nerdy things but yeah. Great week. 8)
    How's things going with you and the soon-to-be Mrs. Repo?
  7. Repo'd
    05-04-2016 04:50 AM
    So you tell me to come to the forum more and then you disappear!! lol!! How are you??
  8. Repo'd
    04-28-2016 03:24 PM
    Shit. That sounds like a very bad day for Tokka. Hope things have improved! The Monster Con is kind of up in the air right now. There's a film project I'm involved in that hasn't set a schedule yet, but I have my fingers crossed. Guests there from Robot Monster! An all time classic good/bad movie. I'm really happy you and at least one of your friends are so excited about Minster Bash. Even if we don't make this one, we do go to just about every one.
  9. Roiffalo
    04-27-2016 05:14 PM
    My cat or sulcata? Lol, we're doing fine. Tokka (the actual tortoise) had a bad day the other day outside, fell over onto his back twice and got his head stuck in the fence poor thing. I'll miss my babies while I'm in Pitt this weekend. Thought of ya cause we're getting close to MonsterCon! Hope you're still planning on going. One of my friends already asked me about it cause he had a great time in October. I could've wept with joy, lol.
  10. Repo'd
    04-27-2016 04:09 PM
    So how's Roi and Tortie doing?

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