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Conversation Between Repo'd and Bloof
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  1. Repo'd
    03-25-2017 04:27 AM
    Ya know, I feel the same way. Not sure I'll be around here much.
  2. Bloof
    03-24-2017 07:41 AM
    Hi, luv. I'm finding it very hard to get back into the HDC groove, that's how it's going....
  3. Repo'd
    03-22-2017 08:45 AM
    Bloooooof!! Howzit going?
  4. Repo'd
    11-30-2016 09:34 AM
    Me too! It's a wonderful season! Just broke out my Christmas movies and shows. Probably start watching them in a week or so.
  5. Bloof
    11-30-2016 09:21 AM
    Well, I'm glad to hear things are better. Let's hope they stay that way. Things are good here. Really starting to feel the Xmas spirit.
  6. Repo'd
    11-30-2016 08:19 AM
    Thanks, Sis! Everything's cool now but it was the opposite of fun for a while there. How have you been?
  7. Bloof
    11-29-2016 04:23 PM
    Jeez, hope you are doing well! Did not like seeing you had to go to the hospital.
  8. Bloof
    11-14-2016 03:00 AM
    Going fair to middlin'. It's not necessarily gluten free but just no wheat...of any kind. I had house guests for a month, so I really went off it a lot and the chronic pain came back big time. But I'm back on course now!
  9. Repo'd
    11-13-2016 04:20 AM
    Bloofer! How goes it my friend? Checking into see if going gluten free is still helping with the chronic pain.
  10. Repo'd
    09-24-2016 07:26 AM
    We are definitely kindred spirits, because I was reaaaaly considering buying one of those Freddy sweaters! I still may.

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