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  1. CircleOfSalt
    10-07-2017 12:32 PM
    Hard times definitely, + blame it on the stars, YES for some parts, lol! Just dealing w/a lot of the past that痴 rearing it痴 ugly head - what a more perfect time of year to deal with personal horror than Halloween, right? This is year I知 doing the same as last, probably: hanging out w/my sister who I rarely get to see, + we値l go on a whirlwind adventure down the Northern California coastline + hit all all the haunted sites + pumpkin patches + end w/a nice beer or whiskey in front of the fireplace at Half Moon Bay brewing company..last year I was a vampire (just normal black street clothes w/a set of pro fangs + some simple face paint - this year I知 going all out w/ the face paint + going as a skeleton..doing the paint all myself + I知 excited! I知 thinking about posting some pics here to get feedback on my skills lol..your party sounds FUN! I miss Halloweens w/lots of people..the past few years and been solitary or with the sister. I hope you have fun! Take pics of your costume!
  2. Dead Bad Things
    10-07-2017 11:41 AM
    Dead Bad Things
    Hardtimes? I hear on that I just blame it on the stars...Got any plans fer Halloween? I'm goin' to an afterhours party...ghost with a jack o lantern for a head is what I'm gonna be...
  3. CircleOfSalt
    10-07-2017 10:34 AM
    Heya! I’ve definitely been better. Been a rough year but things are getting better. I needed to come back to this community and be around my people again, hehehe. Change my mostly-lurker status...how about you?
  4. Dead Bad Things
    10-06-2017 03:11 PM
    Dead Bad Things
    Yo! What up homes? How you been?

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