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  1. FryeDwight
    11-30-2020 12:01 AM
    Hi Avian 7,
    Tried to reply to Your friend request, but being old, had no luck, so will send a "Yes". You can never have too many friends, especially where horror is concerned
  2. avian7
    11-16-2020 09:33 PM
    Hi FryeDwight, it's been awhile, hope you're good, I was wondering if you could give me a clue on a horror movie I saw probably over 30 years ago, again I only have bits and pieces I remember, but what stands out to me was a guy driving through a fishing type of town, a little while later his
    car is found upside down and smoldering on the side of the highway, when the police go to examine the car the guy that was driving is in the driver's seat completely burnt to a crisp, but then the guy's head ( more like a charred skull still attached to his body ) turns toward the police and screams, any idea ?
  3. avian7
    06-08-2019 07:24 PM
    Hi again FryeDwight, maybe you can come up with a title for this b&w horror
    movie, I only remember bits and pieces of it so here goes, a weather station keeping tabs on some strange cloud formations, takes place in winter, people using a cable car to get up to the lodge, one guy goes missing for a couple of days
    search party can't find him, presumed dead, everyone surprised when he shows back up at the lodge, unsteady on his feet, has a lot of trouble lighting
    a cigarette at the bar, somehow gets belted by another guy goes down and rips his forehead open but no blood, people thinking something strange is going on and start to leave using the cable car, the strange cloud formation
    moves over and encases the cable car motor room, next thing motor and cables are starting to freeze, car stops and then starts again, first group makes it down that's all I can remember, any ideas ?

    Thanks !

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