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Conversation Between horcrux2007 and anglewitch
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  1. anglewitch
    03-24-2016 09:44 AM
    Whatever is useful to you.

    I'd probably would pick neither. Having Knowledge of the whole entire universe would spoil the great mysteries in life. Now diamonds would attract robbers.
  2. horcrux2007
    03-24-2016 08:44 AM
    If I had knowledge of the entire universe, it'd be boring. I'd rather the diamonds.
  3. anglewitch
    03-24-2016 06:55 AM
    Which would you rather have knowledge of the whole entire universe or a million barrels full of diamonds.
  4. anglewitch
    09-23-2015 12:35 PM
    I new that you had to be fifteen years old!
    I am fifteen too.
  5. anglewitch
    03-28-2015 06:00 AM
    Hey welcome back.
  6. anglewitch
    01-26-2015 12:15 PM
    Sorry to hear you leave :(
  7. anglewitch
    01-16-2015 07:52 AM
    I apologize for that post I made on the famous freak thread thar was rude of me please accept my apology.

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