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  1. anglewitch
    10-21-2015 02:23 PM
    I'm afraid that decision is up to you. I can't make decisions for other people.
    You would not believe how I found that Grimoire, I bought for 50 cents at a thrift store. I always have that kind of luck. I once found the first edition of The Jungle Book for 25 cents at a book store, guess those people did not know what they had.
    I love Black Sabbath! I went to a concert in Virginia a few years ago it was awesome! I also like Ozzy!
    I am sure you have heard of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motor Head, Metallica, and Raven.
    Just to warn you about Glory to the brave song itself is good but it is really depressing. Makes me think of King Arthur going to Avalon.
    What state do you live in?
  2. anglewitch
    10-20-2015 06:37 AM
    Hmmmm, I have a few harmless banishment spells in my grimoire. They don't send your target into another demention, they just make them buzz off for a good while. Want me too lend you one? Sure I can cast protection spells on my self, lots of them are very simple. Putting an amethyst stone in your wallet prevents pickpockets from nabbing your wallet. Hope you enjoy those bands, I would hand you a list of other good bands, but that would be a long list. I spend my Halloween up at my sisters apartment in Appalachian mountains. I am not at all extraordinary I am just another dull human being.
    Or if I don't go up there I dress up as Mr. Hide and terrorize the neighborhood J/k.
  3. Jake.Ashworth
    10-20-2015 05:35 AM
    My family was pretty fucked up. Mom didn't give a crap and dad was just happy I graduated. I left home for college a few months later and then dropped out and moved away with my at the time fiancÚ and now wife. We have been married now for 9 years and together for 12. I drink a lot of black coffee pre workout. Managed to get back in the gym today for the first time sense my surgery. I feel so much better after a good workout. Kingdom Hearts is what would happen if Disney and Final Fantasy had a baby, excellent series of games. Sorry life is crazy, but it always gets better so fight through that shit! Lol.
  4. Jake.Ashworth
    10-19-2015 12:18 PM
    Where'd ya go? Got kind of used to talking to you, lol.
  5. anglewitch
    10-17-2015 08:18 AM
    I have accepted your friendship request. :)
    Sorry about you ex boyfriend problems, what has he been doing?
    Well white and black magic are the same, basically. The baphomet that you see as my avatar represents good and evil, night and day, man and woman, sun and moon, Good magic and bad magic, the list goes on and on. So as you can read magic has its good side and its dark side, kind of like how we have our dark side, people fight, get angry all that represents our dark side.
    You sound like a cool woman, I am glad you enjoyed AngelWitch. There is another good song by them called White witch. Another band I think you would like would be Witch Finder General. Hammer Fall is another good one. I would recommend listening to the album Glory To The Brave, it is kind of about knights and stuff like that.
  6. Jake.Ashworth
    10-15-2015 05:37 AM
    Yeah, I actually went to military school of my own free will. I really enjoy the order of things and having control. I graduated third highest ranked in my class and a lot of power came with that. Not to sound like a control freak, but there is something nice about it. I was supposed to be a pilot in the Navy, but I broke all of the bones in my left leg my Junior year and unfortunately, the Navy doesn't want you if your broken. I also don't sleep much, I work a lot though. I get into work normally around 4 am and stay until 5 or 6. Im a very dedicated person, lol. Me and my wife make my boys costumes every year. This year they are both being Sora from Kingdom Hearts, one normal Sora and one Halloween Town. I do all of the crafting and she does the sewing. I unfortunately don't get time to dress up anymore. Any thoughts on your costume this year?
  7. Jake.Ashworth
    10-14-2015 06:23 PM
    I'm not much for dressing up. I had to for work for a long time, now I'm done lol. I went to a military school so clothes weren't really a choice.
  8. anglewitch
    10-12-2015 07:02 AM
    This is good Angel Witch song.
    I do cast spell now and then. One thing you must know though about magic. Magic is a very confusing thing. Stories about wizards throwing lightning bolts at there enemies or make a pineapple appear out of thin air is a bunch of bullshit! In magic you can dominate other which is totally wrong for a good wizard to do. See magic can be good or bad, it all depends on whoever dares to use it.

    You and me both do a lot of the same things, I think that's cool.
  9. Jake.Ashworth
    10-11-2015 06:40 PM
    It is nice, I mean it will be when everything stops being sore... Lol. My wife is fixed as well, but she is very anxious so the double assurance allows her to relax a little. Nothing really cool about an appliance store, lol, I'm a huge geek about it but I'm well aware it's not the most glamorous industry. I've gone from 278 to 234 over the last 6 months. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I call myself fat as a self defense mechanism lol. I grew up being called a lot worse and it's pretty easy to take away bullies power when you beat em to it. The outfit sounds very conservative compared to some stuff you see out there lol. I did the goth thing for a long time, unfortunately it doesn't work great when your growed up.
  10. Jake.Ashworth
    10-10-2015 04:36 PM
    Sounds like a decent time all together. I hear there is a second Tucker and Dale in the works. As for my surgery, I got clipped lol, no more babies! I run a high end appliance store... Yay retail lol. But the money is really good Lol. Fitness instructor? I'm a fatty but I've lost 50 pounds in the last 6 months. So I'm on my way. You mentioned people looked at you funny because of how you dress, how is that? You gothy? I was for a long time, now I'm more shorts and band shorts.

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