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Originally Posted by Repo'd View Post
LMMFAO!! There seems to be so much " going nowhere " in this movie, I'm surprised it meandered it's way to an ending!!

Holy crap, I loved this review. It sounds like a the movie is a dreadful waste of time. Me thinks the most entertaining thing about the flick is your post, Roi!
Here's hoping I can do it again ^^;


The Diabolical


A family of three (mom, brother, sister) are haunted by a skinless ghost that they believe to the their dead dad. The classmates in this movie are the kids age (sister a younger 5) and hardly look older than ten, but they talk like my adult coworkers. Mostly in way of the swearing and it bothers me with just... who writes a script like this for kids?!

Oh and mom's stupid as fuck. She knows just as well as the kids do how fucked up haunted their house is with this skinless specter terrorizing them, and she basically tells them to suck it up and they are staying in the house. It finally takes half an hour of movie and the thing to hurt the kids for her to finally call for help and try and get the kids out of the house, but that doesn't last long.

She calls a doctor and tries to figure out why the kids suddenly fall ill then once in the house are better again. ...Doesn't seem to connect this to the ghost at all even though she's seen it and knows it torments the kids.

Mom's boyfriend finds out and they debate how to solve it, discussing the signs of when it appears and disappears, what it can do, etc.

There's some history with the brother having some anger issues and a counselor stops by once in a while, but we're not filled in on why or what happened or how the father died until about the movie is half over. And then we only know the boy and his father hand a fight and his father left and never came back. I'm guessing car accident but I still don't understand why the kid's treated like a criminal...

The councilor comes back and the brother explains he was only looking out for his sister and a private talk between her and the mother reveals the boy beat another kid unconscious within the past 6 months. BUT WHY?! Explain movie! EXPLAIN!

The little family, boyfriend included, are having a game night when it's interrupted but no-longer-skinless. He's more tangible now, mom breaks a chair off him, so naturally they hide upstairs behind a closed door. From a ghost. Behind a door. After mom CLEARLY mentioned that the thing was able to go through walls earlier in the movie. I don't fucking know but somehow it works anyway when they slam the door on its fingers.

A company has given the mom an offer on the house and throughout the movie has been pressing the issue more and more. She pushes it aside repeatedly until she goes over images of the ghost again and sees a number and symbol on its clothes that are the same as before mentioned company's. Looking into the company further she discovers that her boyfriend was previously involved with the company working on some horrible project.

Prisoner "volunteers" were experimented on and he claims he tried to stop their attempts. The things they were working on have something to do with teleportation and time travel. I am now completely lost. I think I got thrown into another movie. From what I understand chances are that in their attempts to be teleported, their bodies were mutilated horribly, so the mother naturally decides to fuck them up further with makeshift weapons of knives and saw blades.

The kids are put away in a different room, but don't worry there's a closed door to protect them. Just in time for the prisoner from the future to pop in again and just as THAT happens the guy wanting to buy their house is back and the prisoner attacks him. I don't... I have no idea what he did. The guy's fingers are somehow melted together and there's black goo spilling from his mouth. Whatever he's dead now.

Mom and her bf get the guy trapped and beat it up til it goes unconscious when cops show up. Their role in this was pointless, both are killed by the inmate in like 5 minutes. As it approaches the terrified family it looks around strangely. It's not til the boy gets cut and a glow appears on the inmate's face to give it a matching scratch that we find out it's actually the boy from the future.

He attacks mom and the boyfriend shoots him, both fall and end up teleported back to the future I guess. Mom fixes things and gets fixed and ends up back in the past this was a weird movie... It had some good ideas but I don't think they were expressed properly. It could've been better. A lot better.
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