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I love Phantasm! I've only seen the first one but I loved it and hope to get the sequels soon.
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Charley Brewster
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Originally Posted by Elvis_Christ View Post
I'm a huge fan of this series.... its so completley fuckin' cool. I've got the Tall Man action figure that came out a year or so back.
an action figure of Tall man??!! who makes it? I love the McFarlane horror figures.
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I love the Phantasm movies, i haven't seen the 4th one, i'm pretty sure that there are 4. Somewhere along the way the last dvd didn't show up here. There is a really cool set you can get, that is basically the sphere. I meant to chase the last movie but got sidetracked. The Tall man is easily the best villain ever in my books.
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Originally Posted by stenchofdeath View Post
I love the Phantasm movies, i haven't seen the 4th one, i'm pretty sure that there are 4..
1. Phantasm (1979)

2. Phantasm 2 (1988) - My favorite!

3. Phantasm: Lord of the Dead (1994)

4. Phantasm: Oblivion (1998)
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I'm really getting into my horrors at the moment. This one I watched by way of a recommendation from Clive. The 'Tall Man' is a suitably eerie villan, and I like the bald guy Reggie, who has kind eyes. It doesn't really make sense, but that's OK because life doesn't always make a lot of sense. Think about that. It doesn't, does it? Somedays I have a relative grip on things, other days, well, it's like nothing I do can change or alter circumstance. It's frustrating, particularly if you're like me and you have everything you want to do in 24 hours carefully mapped out in your head. Anyway, back to the film and yes I did like this one, but there was a scene in the film that shook me up far more than any other. Do you remember the bit when Mike sees the Tall Man in the old photographs, and the Tall Man turns his head to growl at Mike? That frightened me. It made me dig up some of my own old photographs, I don't know why. Maybe Clive had set this up all along, but there I go again looking too deeply into things. So there I was by lamp light, thumbing restlessly through my old albums. I came upon one of dear old papa, dressed in a sombre suit and cravat, his upper lip decorated with a fine handlebar moustache. Those were the days, I thought, wistfully: The days of batten burg cakes and fine ales and pipes and gentleman talk of golf and cigars around blazing wood fires. My father spoke to me through his picture, then, and we spoke of those good old days, and of that awful tragedy when the mines collapsed, trapping dear old papa in the dark and the dust and the poisoned earth. Only yesterday did Clive tell me about the murder of many teenagers in the area by the collapsed mine. The killer wore a gas mask and had crawled and slithered out of the ruins of the mine and then, to my horror, I knew it was papa. As I looked up at his picture, I saw the photo had changed. Now papa wore a gas mask. I ran, panicked, to the bathroom, and lifted the sheet and stared hard into the mirror. I had a gas mask on now. And in my hand a hatchet. It was time.
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F-U-C-K-I-N-G hell, Your either incredibly stupid or incredibly smart. :confused:
Nothing is more more Terrifying than your own twisted little mind, Only you know how far you will go in keeping your darkest hour locked safely away.

Will you ever crack?

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You're a fantastic writer.
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Another Epic post. Bravo! :)
"Life is tough; it's tougher when you're stupid." -John Wayne
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Thumbs up phantasm

phantasm is the best horror flick:D
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Its definatley one of them thats for sure. Phantasm is great stuff.
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