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Post SBZ Productions: Zombie Movie

My brother and I have been making home movies for many years. We just recently, about a two years ago, started taking it more seriously...which is sort of ironic since most of our movies aren't very serious. Our first "actual" movie was called "The Eating Tree" and was filmed up in Squim, Washington around 1998. Once again, not very serious and stupid. It told the story of an old couple who had a menacing tree on their property that would eat people. The government got suspicious and investigated, leading to a fight against the tree, and long story short, it ate everybody. It was a poorly acted film with a budget of 0$...but it amused us for what it was worth. Now our most recent film is called Demon Slayer, filmed in early 2003, and is a five minute action short set in a pre-apocalyptic world where demons are surfacing to the earth. One man stands in their way...the slayer. Its full of special effects, trench coats, and action-packed. Once again, a budget of 0$. Interested: you can view it online here: http://www.atfm-films.net/
Its the film titled "Demon Slayer" to the right.

After some time of making movies, we've given ourselves a name...Soylent Beanz Productions. Originally composed of just us, two twin brothers, our crew has grown to nine people. And to this day, our most expensive film was only 200$...
So what is next you may ask in our line of low-budget films?
I'm writing the script to a horror/comedy film with zombies. Sure to be full of gore and special effects that make my brain hurt. It has no name yet, but I continue toying with the plot.
If anyone would want to help with this film, I can use concept art, storyboards, and help with the script...an original score would be great too, if there's any talented musicians out there. Completely non-profit film, but it should be a blast to make.
Hey, anyone who actually read all this deserves a cookie. Thanks for reading. If you want to read about the other movies we have made, check out our website: http://members.cox.net/whitelagomorp...oductions.html

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That was pretty cool. Keep up the good work:)
"I don't care if you were covered in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang-bang"-Adam(SAW)
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