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i have kind of i guess original idea for a killer
he can only kill you when your alone
he has claws sticking out of the top of his wrists
his face hardly has flesh few skeleton marks are showing
after he kills his first victim seen he took sweatpants and a sweatshirt and some shoes so (the shirt is hooded) so they cant see him
if u kill him he will be resurrected 3 years later
he gets better with the more victims
if u stab him with the knife he used while he wuz alive he will be sent to hell unless the knife is broken
his father killed him hell ripped open the second he died and escaped with a curse from hell but burned with hardly any skin left
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i am writing a horror movie and one tip to film makers... well, 2...

1: make an excuse for the camera to be handheld (wanna be more in the action, camera = a character)

2: u dont need to see much action of killings etc. clever camera work and makeup works wonders.

if u have a good script and dont try anything stupid, u can pull it off!
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If you are a writer, try to start of with a small story, rather than a magnus opus. Try to choose something that you can research or is manageable under your budget. Hollywood does not accept unsolicited scripts so just make the first one for yourself and start small.

We're very fortunate these days to have DV cameras and editing software that allows one to create their own films. Many approved films started off as small budget and a vision. You could always use your small finished film to promote your idea.

Just by making a short film with friends, you can learn allot about the techniques of good storyline, pacing and camerawork. Trust me, you'll be amazed how hard it is to pull off something special.

And remember, suspense is your best friend. Unless you have access to 20 animators using CGI, you might want to let your audience form their own visions of your hidden monster.

Look at "Psycho" for useful tips on how to create suspense. No CGI, no monsters. Just suspense and a fantastic shower scene. ;)

Have fun. Who knows, one day we may be watching a film you made on the big screen.


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I am a film maker. I plan on going to film school myself. I am also a good makeup/effects artists (saves alot of money on film), but yeah, my good friend and I doing nothing but write scripts and plot out movie and film 'em. Film making is my life.
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ive been doing film for only a year, but taking various film classes helps out a lot.
sham sham, youre goin to have to have a budget of at least 2000 $, considering youll need a decent camera, post production costs, etc. but good luck with it all.
also, anybody that ever needs help on a film im willing to help out, i live in iowa and can travel across the state, illinois, and nebraska. also working on my own writing and such, so whether you have a script you want to bring to life or just want to help out with something (or need help with something) let me know.
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I'm a low-budget/independent filmmaker. I've made many many films....mostly comedy ones...and a bunch of shorts...with my brother. We call our production team Soylent Beanz Productions. We're always looking for people to share their talents with us. We have quite a few horror movies...as well as others...

Our website has a list of all our complete films with pictures and descriptions: http://members.cox.net/whitelagomorp...oductions.html

You can see a list of our shorts here:

In my other thread I said I was doing a comedy zombie movie...if anyone wants to help with the script or anything, let me know.
We're also in the process of figuring out Demon Slayer 2. Ooooo.
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for sure the best way to become a great filmmaker is through experimentation.

I went through 3 years of video production and Digital Post Production and visual EFX and really I think that its the better way to go if you want to become learned in the technical aspects of filmmaking. This world, believe it or not, is going through a digital transformation. Movies are being shot on HD video rather than film and its much much cheaper. Also video production courses in college are much cheaper than film school.

If you have the knack for writing and directing though I don't think you need to educate yourself at all... just get out there and make something and be seen. The internet allows you to share your work with the world with ease. Don't bother yourself with schooling. If I could go back I'd take the 15 thousand bucks I spent on school and I'd use it to make the best 12 thousand dollar movie ever... and then I'd spend 3 grand on hookers to celebrate.... ooooohhhh yeah.
~Jake Grimbrother

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