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Originally Posted by PurelyAndSimplyEvil View Post
Personally, Aliens is the best in the franchise. I do, however, prefer watching Alien 3 though.

That being said, I can't remember the last time I watched any of them.
Of all the Alien movies you prefer Alien...3? Were you part of the crew?
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Originally Posted by Angra View Post
Of all the Alien movies you prefer Alien...3? Were you part of the crew?
I have a soft spot for it as it was the first one I remember seeing, when I was a kid. I know it's crap.
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I actually prefer 3 to 2 but 1 to all and hate 4.
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Definitely. The first is more eerie, and a feeling of isolation.The second is more of an action flick, and has more of a Hollywood feel to it.
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I really like both Alien and Aliens.

I don't rewatch films too often, but I've certainly watched both more than once, and both for special study.

Alien is a feast for the ears. The sound mixing (sound effects and music) is masterfully interlaced. Alien is more immersing and visceral than Aliens. But Aliens is a funner casual watch.

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The alien universe, including Prometheus and predators is my favorite. I guess I donít have a preference between the films. I hope Ridley can continue making them though. Sucks Giger is out of the picture and unable to continue designing sets and stiff.
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