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Originally Posted by The Shroud View Post

I'm not sure this is actually true or not, but I did hear once, that the little girl in the later Halloween movies (parts 4 and 5) who started out in the movies at maybe the age of 6 was so messed up by being in those movies that she started seeing, Michael Myers, everywhere and eventually was so freaked out that she locked herself in her home. She wasn't killed in the movies, but she was sure around some gruesome stuff in those films.
Danielle Harris was the young actress. Of Halloween 4, she said:

"It was fun for me. I knew we were making a movie and I knew that it was make believe. I was more worried about being a good, little actress and being able to cry and scream really good. I think everybody made such an amazing effort to make sure that I knew that it wasn't real. In between takes we would joke around and it was just fun. It didn't really bother me until I got to be older.

I had a harder time emotionally with Rob Zombie's Halloween and H2 than I did when I was a kid. When I was a kid, it was totally fun and I didn't understand when I did Rob's Halloween, why it was so hard for me to shake it off. I'm like, "I'm an actress! Why am I getting a feeling like I want to cry? This is weird! I did enough crying when I was there [on set]. I don't know why I'm still feeling this way". I think it was because it was the first time I was ever physically touched by him. As a little girl, as Jamie, he never got me, ever. Now as an adult, I don't have my clothes on, doing scenes I've never done before as an actor, and I'm actually being attacked. Even though I should know the guy by now, it's still a weird thing that happens with your psyche I think."
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There was the little fat kid on the bicycle in "Bad Blood" that gets chased & killed by the Werefrog, but you didn't mind 'cause he was a fat little snitch.

Also, the kid in "Rawhead Rex" was killed & eaten by Rawhead.
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