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Concrete filling outside world.

Hello, when I was really little I saw a movie about some people inside a house, and the outiside world being progressively filled with some hard grey concrete-like material. I don't remember any monsters or anything only them getting increasingly scared because of the lack of space.

I don't remember much about the movie but I remember clearly a scene about them opening the front door and being completely sealed by this grey concrete thing from the outside. I created this image to illustrate it.

I've been googling for years and never find a thing, I saw the movie on a brazilian channel were they showed horror movies all from America. I'm pretty sure it was an american movie and it had that eerie feeling from 90s Stephen King movies. Even the plot sounds like something he would write but I've seen no books or movies made by him.

I'm 90% sure the entire movie was about that grey thing. And I'm not sure if the thing eventually started growing inside too, or it stopped at the door. Which is as frightening.

I found this forum and hope you guys can help me find it.

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