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Exclamation Pieces

I seen this Italian cheapie slasher film years ago. The late Christopher George is in it, with his wife (now widow, obviously).

There's a scene where a woman gets attacked by a janitor, or something.

I believe that's meant to be an unintentional continuity error, as later on, she appears to ask the same dude a question. I guess this was a mistake, but I don't understand why that scene is even in the movie. I haven't seen it in years, but I do recall that part was so odd.
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It is actually Spanish giallo, and I wouldn't call it a cheapie(LOL)! The killer is NOT the janitor, and it has a surprise ending on who the killer actually is. I will not say who the killer is to avoid spoilers. That is actually a more extreme, graphic, and bloody one with an overall decent plot and storyline. You might be mistaking this one for another, or maybe just remembering off, which could happen to anybody. If you like the giallo films, you will probably find it worth looking back at.
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