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Death Game [1977]

Death Game is a 1977 American horror-thriller film directed by Peter S. Traynor and written by Anthony Overman and Michael Ronald Ross. The film stars Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, and Seymour Cassel. Death Game tells the story of George Manning, a well-to-do San Francisco businessman, husband, and father who invites a pair of rain-soaked young women into his house to wait out an evening thunderstorm. The two girls seduce Manning and ultimately kidnap and torture him in his own home (source of information: Wikipedia).

Americans love horror-cinema, and they experiment all kinds of fright-fest storytelling and present all kinds of outlandish tales and imagery. Well, Death Game may not be an 'American horror classic' (like The Exorcist or Child's Play), but it's certainly a colourful 'vaunt' into the dark side of the social psyche and an offbeat presentation of madness and eccentricity.

So you have a random American male who ends up being thrown into agony by two appealing women who decide his home is a 'cage' for all kinds of mental agony. If you like films like The Gate, Hostel, or The Strangers, then Death Game will appeal to your fancy regarding the 'sanctity' and the 'frailty' of safe-spaces.

This film will remind you of the sensuality of home-space and the metaphysical depth of doors and locks, since you're entreated about your fears regarding invasion, betrayal, and panic.

Death Game is the sort of American horror-film that reveals the special psychological fascination with being caged...no matter how safe or secure you think you actually are!

{re-interpretation dialogue}

GEORGE: You two were rain-soaked!
JACKSON: Thanks for letting us in...
DONNA: We're so happy you were hospitable.

GEORGE: We had great sex last night.
JACKSON: You're a married man, George...
DONNA: What will Karen think?

GEORGE: I feel eerie you're not leaving now.
JACKSON: We're here to stay, George...
DONNA: Did you think sex would be that easy?

GEORGE: What do you want?
JACKSON: We want to torture you, George...
DONNA: You'll be a witness to Hell!

GEORGE: Oh my God! I'm calling the police.
JACKSON: We cut the phone lines last night.
DONNA: Right after our romp in your bathroom.

GEORGE: Why did I let myself get into this?
JACKSON: Because we're sexy.
DONNA: Don't be afraid...George.

GEORGE: I should have bolted the doors to my heart.
JACKSON: Don't whine now.
DONNA: This will hurt a lot.

GEORGE: Spare me...I beg you.
JACKSON: Well...we'll consider your plea for mercy.
DONNA: In the meantime, George (our good-host)...

GEORGE: Someone help me!!
JACKSON: Poor, poor Karen.
DONNA: Yeah, poor Karen...


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