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Are there any other Phantasmopliles out there?:D
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*raises hand* I own all of 'em.
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I think you'll find a ton of Phantasmophiles here. And yes, I'm one of them.

Originally Posted by ferretchucker View Post
It's not rape if you shout suprise!
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I love Phantasm, the whole world of Phantasm, it is one of my favorite things in horror. I am always trying to spread the news about the coolness of Phantasm.

Down the street from me in Alhambra, CA, is Fosselman's Ice Cream, where the Phantasm production filmed a scene. You can see the inside of the ice cream parlor in the deleted scenes footage. The damn place is still there and looks ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME, and no one working there has any idea about this.


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How can anybody not love Reggie?

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Oh yes!

I love the Phantasm movies.

Trying to collect them all!

All I can say is that Tall Man better not fool with me! I'll hit him with my purse! Lol!

Countess Marya

The Countess
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I'm a huge fan of this series.... its so completley fuckin' cool. I've got the Tall Man action figure that came out a year or so back.
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Phantasm is a classic horror series. How does it get any better than the Tall Man? BOY!
"Never Trust a Junkie" - Sid and Nancy
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I am also one.
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I LOVE phantasm, tall man is the scariest character ever.
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