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Mom Poisons Family...Heads Off To Casino

Poisoned Milkshakes Send Troy Mom To Court

Police Say Woman Ground Up Medication Into Drinks

Troy, Michigan -- New information was revealed about a Troy woman who faced a judge Tuesday for allegedly poisoning her husband and teenage son, sending them both to a hospital.

Troy police said Mary Ellen Cannon, 46, offered Richard Shaw, 57, and Ian Shaw, 13, milkshakes laced with lethal doses of her own medication -- ground up -- for sleep disorders, blood pressure and pain for the milkshakes. Cannon has a history of substance abuse, Local 4 reported.

Police said after the woman visited her family in the hospital, she went to a Detroit casino. At the casino, she got drunk with a man, spent the night in a hotel with him, and then robbed him, the station reported.

Cannon faces five felony counts, including attempted murder and poisoning, the station reported.

Troy police Lt. Gerry Scherlinck said investigators believe this was a "planned out, deliberate attempt to kill both her husband and son."

Scherlinck said the investigation was reviewed by the Oakland County prosecutor's office.

"Clearly by the nature of the charges they issued it appears they agree with our theory," said Scherlinck.

The investigation began on Oct. 27 when the woman called police to say her husband had the flu and was breathing, but would not wake up, Scherlinck told The Daily Oakland Press.

Paramedics who responded to the home in the area of Livernois and Maple roads were reportedly suspicious of the woman's story and contacted police.

Richard Shaw collapsed and Ian Shaw later became ill.

Scherlinck told the paper that paramedics learned the husband had collapsed while walking the family's dog the day before. A resident in the area and the man's son, who helped the 57-year-old back to his home, urged the woman to call 911, but she did not, claiming that her husband had had seizures in the past.

The woman also told paramedics that her son was unresponsive the morning of Oct. 27 and had fallen out of bed several times, Scherlinck told the paper.

Ian Shaw was in the hospital for three days. Richard Shaw went into a coma, but later recovered. He was hospitalized for 11 days.

The couple has been married for about 20 years with no previous accusations of domestic violence, Local 4 reported. Mary Ellen Cannon is scheduled to be back in court Jan. 4.
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That really sucks to hear. That someone would try to killl thier own family.
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I guess divorce is a thing of the past now. No forgiving your spouse for cheating or even telling them anymore. Now you just try to kill them right off the bat. Man, times have changed.
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Ohh, Man, that sounds really scaring. It is a bad idea to read such posts tonight
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Oh, what a story, Bro, is it really the truth? I can't understand what happens in the head of this woman. Yeah, I am not a good person, I have some bad habits, I am playing online casinos and smoking, but I will never harm my family. Yeah, I am a regular visitor of Golden Tiger check, I lose a lot of my family money, but I even in such hard periods I will never do like this crazy woman.
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what a pos....
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Hmm, it's terrible, but it's true. It is not particularly noted that many gamers eventually have mental disorders. There must be the right measure in all this. This woman played even earlier, and perhaps her husband and son prevented her from playing. In the end, she got angry with both of them. And went to where she had spent her time before. I have been playing poker for a long time, and I earn a lot of money. Unfortunately, now I only play online because I spend time with my family, and the risks are minimal. I found a lot of information and new aspects of the game on the website payperhead.net
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