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I am fresh meat to the forum, but a long time horror lover; and just starting to look into forums and social media as a way to promote my art amongst people who might actually appreciate & be interested in it!

Gray Oddities creates and sells interesting art using various medias that are meant to serve as a uniquely original and twisted addition to your eclectic horror/dark art collection!

Specializing in altered baby dolls, acrylic paintings, intensive miniatures, original sculptures, ink pen drawings, specialty frames, horror themed props & much more! All art is hand-crafted, hand-painted and original work created by us especially for you..

Custom made, hand crafted, painted & sculpted- Homage to Hellraiser- Pinhead Baby Doll. Complete with lament configuration box. flesh covered chains, bloody weapons. Stands @ 16" on wooden base. $275.





'Lil Leatherface'! Custom made, our homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hand painted, sculpted & sewn- our creepy altered baby doll. Complete with specially crafted chainsaw, bloody apron, mangled body parts. He stands 10-inches tall on wooden stand. Junior is killer! SALE: $125. Custom orders available upon request. Please msg me for info. Thanks!

10563000_605916802861540_4512471934532010978_n (1).jpg


10577190_605916999528187_4228575917284209293_n (1).jpg



'Pogo' the clown. Handcrafted, hand painted, hand sewn, 'John Wayne Gacy' altered baby doll by Gray Oddities. Stands 20-inches tall on wooden stand. For Sale-$125.






Website is in progress, but check out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gray-...49606875159201

Custom orders available upon request, please contact us for more info. Thanks guys!

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Great stuff, man!
Lee Widener, Author Website

Cartoon Artwork, Underground Art, Other Weird Stuff
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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
Great stuff, man!
Thank you! :) Please check out and 'like' us on Facebook if you haven't already.
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