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This is Effed up

How low can we go as a species...what the fuck is wrong with people

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I suppose their justification would be
"If they're going to do it anyway, we're giving them effective instruction so they will achieve the desired effects and not leave themselves incapacitated for life from a failed attempt".

Still fucked.
I mean why's it aimed at children?

The article does point out an important thing though. Parents.

Now I'm not anti-tech, but I'd say that things like this, and a lot of these "cyber bullying" related suicides etc would be avoided in the first place if you get your kid out in the real world, teach them self worth, keep them busy, and just NOT let them turn into a screentard that thinks the most important aspect of their life is online.
Limit hours. Don't bend on it. Easy.

You do that, and then your kid will learn to validate themselves in more healthy and creative ways other than sitting on their asses online all day.
If they see a video like this, they'll laugh at the attempt and report it.
If they get people trying to talk shit online, they'll ignore it.

It's only the kids that make this online shit their whole world who seem to fall down these holes...so work towards stopping it.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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My "children" are now both in their late 30's but my grandchildren all watch youtube regularly. Have you heard of the Momo challenge? The figure is disturbing but it apparently invites children to do harmful challenges etc. I dont understand the tech stuff but it comes through some popular app or even games like minecraft or fortnite.
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I agree. Iím all for the tech. I think itís been a blessing and a curse though. And yes, for sure parents have to be more diligent in policing what their kids are watching. I also have grandchildren who are constantly watching YouTube videos.
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