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Exclamation Woman’s ‘box of sex toys’ contained her lover’s decapitated head!

What’s in the box?!

The box of "sex toys” Maria del Carmen asked a neighbor on Spain’s north coast to keep an eye on actually contained the decapitated head of her missing husband. The rest of the man, identified by Spanish news outlet El Pais as 67-year-old Jesus Maria, remains missing.

According to the report, del Carmen, 61, asked a neighbor to keep an eye on her box of sex toys, which she didn’t want in her own home while authorities were poking around for clues that might help them locate Maria, who’d gone missing from their home in the town of Cantabria in February.

The neighbor, who isn’t identified in the report, finally decided to look inside the box once it started stinking up her house. What she found was far more shocking that a smattering of vibrators and blow-up dolls. The sight of Maria’s severed and rotting head reportedly sent her into “a panic attack.”

I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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Lawsy lawsy.
Oh lawd that's bad. XD
Wtf do you want?
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