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The Presence - Ghost horror

We're an indie publisher working on a strategic horror board-game called The Presence.

We've recently announced the game and are currently opening up our play testing to a wider group to get more eyes on the game and help improve it.

* Play as the spirit or the visitors
* You do not know if the spirit player is good or evil
* 3-5 players and ~120min of game time

Reach out to me if you are interested in participating! =)

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I think the game's UI is appealing. I'll attempt to provide feedback.

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the challenging terrain of doppelganger Dinosaur Game mythology, offering audiences a gripping and thought-provoking short film experience. With its strong direction, compelling performances, and visually striking elements, this film leaves a lasting impression, inviting viewers to ponder the enigma of doppelgangers and the mysteries of the self.
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Explore the profound influence of mathematics on the intricate world of casino gaming. This post illuminates how hjpc.ba mathematical principles shape strategies, probabilities, and outcomes, providing a deeper understanding of how math intertwines with the dynamics of casino games for strategic advantage.
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fethiye tours appeal to all kinds of people and allow you to have fun moments during your holiday in Turkey.
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Expanding playtesting to a wider group is a Melon Playground great way to gather valuable feedback and refine the game mechanics for the best possible player experience.
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