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This is a multi-genre horror-manga referencing the two disparate characters Strider Hiryu (espionage-capable ninja mercenary and great swordsman from video-games and manga) and Fornicus (Hell-Lord from horror-film The Cabin in the Woods who can wield a devastating orb of death) who are as different as night-and-day, making them an ideal horror-manga/comics fanfiction story duo about the dark quest for Utopia in a realm fraught with bloody murder, mercenaries, helpless villages, and maidens of heaven and hell. This was inspired by my love of horror-manga, horror-comics, as well as Hellraiser (Clive Barker) and Shannara (Terry Brooks) media.

Can we find more crossover horror-media exploring juxtaposition of ulikely avatars in this new age of character-driven stories and games?


STRIDER: I'm a thief and mercenary of this dark realm and seek honor.
FORNICUS: I'm the Hell-Lord of dark pleasure and pain and reign with fury.

Strider and Fornicus were as different as night-and-day. There were even rumors in the realm that these two disparate figures were childhood friends, but there's no real proof of this fantastic claim! Strider grew up in the roads after his parents were killed by the Dark Ones of the Organization, which ironically reared the then-young Fornicus to someday become the ultimate Hell-Lord of executions and dark reign. Strider became a pickpocket and nomad and then a master-thief, stealing jewels and gems from warlords across the realm by feigning his identity and pretending to be a theosophy-jewelry merchant. When Strider came into adulthood, he'd developed an excellent swordplay skill and became a mercenary.

There were numerous merchants and mercenaries in this dark realm. Everyone simply sought to survive. There were disparate villages sprawled out across the dark realm, each seeking to endure the harsh reign of Lord Fornicus, who was himself now a full adult and capable of his ruthless reign, monitored and advised by the Organization. Some claim Fornicus was not born to a human mother but to a magical orb of darkness. Fornicus executed his reign with bloody murder, executing any individual or group seeking to defy his authority with forms of wit or even combat. Fornicus commanded an orb in his hand capable of instant decapitation. This made him the supreme chancellor of darkness.

There were numerous merchants and mercenaries in this dark realm, since people sought to simply get on and endure the reign of Fornicus and his Organization. Strider was in this mix as a swordsman of unusual skill and a nomadic mercenary. He hired himself out for the defense of scattered villages randomly threatened by the dark sentinels of Fornicus' Organization. Strider would use his fiery sword of truth which he named Dalian to resist the advances of horse-riding gangs sent by Fornicus and his cloaked sentinels. Strider would take out these evildoers one-by-one like a ninja-assassin. Fornicus came to think of Strider as a pesky do-gooder who simply lived for money and women.

Strider did have many girlfriends, but they're mostly maidens in the dark realm desperate for love in this land of great and terrible reign, the reign of the evil Organization. The Organization did employ a handful of siren-witches and seamstresses who did Fornicus' bidding, and the numerous maidens of the realm who sought to live normal lives of great spirituality found themselves drawn to the valiant Strider's sense of unusual survivalism and excellent swordsmanship. However, they were wary of his nomadic signatures and his unwillingness to settle down and marry one of them. Nevertheless, Strider lent himself out to these desperate maidens as a guardian of security in the realm.

Time would come when Strider and Fornicus would have to confront each other as equal figures of opposing light in the realm. Strider had effectively become an emissary of individualism and valor and wit, while Fornicus continued to reign as the ultimate bishop of Hell. Fornicus once ordered the death of all teenagers in a defiant village Strider was too late to rescue during one of his mercenary missions. Strider however fell in love with a maiden of this doomed village, a beautiful dark-haired woman named Elena. He vowed to avenge the terrible loss of the village by usurping Fornicus...somehow. Meanwhile, Fornicus' Organization ordered the outright bloody murder of the elders of a handful of outlander villages seeking to unite in defiance of the Organization.

STRIDER: You reign over people like a shadow.
FORNICUS: I'm the ruler of dreams, young swordsman.
STRIDER: I'll marry my girlfriend and we'll become free.
FORNICUS: No one is free of my Organization.
STRIDER: We'll see, Fornicus.
FORNICUS: Your bravado makes one blush, Strider.
STRIDER: It's a prescription for the malady of fascism.
FORNICUS: I'm not a fascist if you're no mercenary.
STRIDER: I may be a fighter-for-hire, but I love my maiden(s).
FORNICUS: You're a fornicator not unlike me, Strider.
STRIDER: No, my sweethearts are not sources of power.
FORNICUS: Yet, you wander around like a simple mercenary.
STRIDER: We all have our path to honor, Fornicus.
FORNICUS: Well, my reign is one of unquestioned intelligence.
STRIDER: Your demand for obedience is akin to dark prestige.
FORNICUS: What's wrong with simple prestige?
STRIDER: Prestige is never wrought from feelings of sadness.
FORNICUS: You think your life as a mercenary is one of daylight?
STRIDER: It's free of the tangles of fascist vanities.
STRIDER: When I marry my maiden, I'll think of simple life.
FORNICUS: There's no such thing as a simple life, Strider.
STRIDER: As complex as existence may be, life can be conversational.
FORNICUS: Well, chatting about casual love is the activity of peasants.
STRIDER: You don't have to be wealthy to love the sunlight.
FORNICUS: I'm not ignorant of the bliss of warmth, Strider.
STRIDER: We'll see if you ever embrace the lightness of being, Fornicus.
FORNICUS: Perhaps we can come to a treaty regarding shared games.
STRIDER: Well, yes, we might consider how we'll both play chess or othello.
FORNICUS: What's the value of chess and othello, Strider?
STRIDER: Both these strategic games employ imagination about freedom.
STRIDER: You play chess and othello in your way and I'll do in mine.
FORNICUS: You demand liberal games for these peasant villages?
STRIDER: If you enjoy these mental games of liberty, so can others.
FORNICUS: If these villagers submit in their payments, they may game.
STRIDER: That's fine; I'll assign jewelry and crafts to be made in your honor.
FORNICUS: So, each village will tithe these gems-crafts to my Organization?
STRIDER: They will do so if you allow them games of peace and liberty.
FORNICUS: Such as chess and othello.
STRIDER: Precisely!
FORNICUS: Well, I need not explain my disinterest in their game statistics.
STRIDER: The villages will play their own games, just as you do.
FORNICUS: Fine; we'll have a treaty of lights.
STRIDER: Excellent; I expect no more gore from the Organization.
FORNICUS: We shall see.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

{Strider/Fornicus --- Portraits}
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