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Scarlett/Ursa: Horror-Comics Adaptation

This fan-fiction horror-comics adaptation referencing the two iconic female comic book characters Scarlett (GI Joe) and Ursa (Superman) is meant to ask the question, "Can standard comics easily be translated into horror-comics?"

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,


Scarlett was sent by GI Joe commander Duke to investigate a science report from the Salk Institute in southern California that a mysterious strain of glowing green rock was discovered in the Pacific Ocean called Kryptonite. The GI Joes had long been America's secret team of paramilitary crusaders, and Duke wondered if this Kryptonite rock was some kind of radioactive element potentially sought by the evil terrorist organization Cobra. When Salk scientists discovered this Kryptonite, they were implying that the mysterious seemingly alien elemental rock possibly exhibited non-earthly power and potency and a radioactive glow. That's why Scarlett, who'd long been a GI Joe field soldier and mission expert was ordered to visit the Salk and evaluate the significance of this very bizarre discovery.

Meanwhile, on the faraway planet of Uberon, the evil superwoman Ursa was spying on Earth and human civilization using her special super-radar and radio device called the Telecom. Ursa saw that the Salk scientists in the USA had found this potent Kryptonite rock and that the GI Joes were sent to investigate its nearly alien potency. Ursa knew that Kryptonite was a very rare universe elemental rock that was found only on a few planets in the universe. She knew that Kryptonite had the power to suck the energy out of anyone it was used to target and conversely enhance the power of anyone who might be able to harness its internal energy. Ursa decided to travel to Earth and steal the Kryptonite, prevent the GI Joe heroine Scarlett from decoding it, and then ally herself to the terrorist group Cobra to use the rock for evil intention.

SCARLETT: I hope this Kryptonite doesn't spell doom for humanity!

URSA: This Kryptonite rock will be used by Cobra for great doom!

As Scarlett was working closely in secret with the Salk scientists in southern California to study and evaluate the power and magic of this enigmatic nearly alien elemental Kryptonite rock, Ursa investigated how the rock was placed on Earth. It wasn't a naturally placed element on Earth, so Ursa deduced it must've landed on some small meteor during some meteor shower. The only other possibility was that another alien like herself placed it in the Pacific Ocean on Earth for humans to discover. Either way, Ursa intended to steal the Kryptonite from the Salk and from the guardianship of the GI Joe heroine Scarlett.

SCARLETT: It seems Kryptonite has a draining-enhancing dualism!

URSA: Perhaps the vile Cobra Commander will like Kryptonite!

After Ursa stole the Kryptonite from the Salk and from Scarlett's hands, she traveled to the hidden Cobra fortress and delivered it personally to the vile Cobra Commander, declaring herself to be an alien humanoid female with great strength and the intention to help Cobra create terrorism with the rock on Earth. However, Scarlett took great notice of Ursa and her strength and cunning while she was performing her terrible theft of the Kryptonite and decided she most likely was transporting the Kryptonite to the Cobra fortress. After all, Cobra would be the best ally for the evil use of this power draining-enhancing alien elemental rock. Scarlett got the go-ahead from GI Joe commander Duke to dive underwater in the Pacific and infiltrate the Cobra fortress by herself to see if the Kryptonite was in Cobra hands.

SCARLETT: Ursa has gifted the Kryptonite to Cobra Commander!

URSA: Cobra Commander agrees with my vision of Kryptonite hell!

COBRA COMMANDER: This Kryptonite is truly extraordinary, and I have the full express intention to now use the dark Ursa's help to wield this alien rock to drain and harness power from the vast corners of this planet, and those who are made powerful, perhaps my army of minion drones, the Cobra Sentinels, will serve my new global terrorist mission to simply roam the Earth and use the Kryptonite power and dark magic to just create cannibalistic cycles of undiluted bloodbaths over every reigning army of every damned nation seeking to still champion democracy...and God.


{GRAPHIC: Scarlett/Ursa}
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