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Congo (Adaptations)

Here's a fanfiction exploring how there's multiple spin-off or variation-options for theme-storytelling inspired by the iconic anthro-horror novel Congo (Michael Crichton), which is quite unusual for a 'non-robotics' work of science-horror, right? What do you think?


James and Arnes traveled to the remote region of the Congo rainforest for their special Harvard anthropology study about patterns of variation in uncategorized gorilla species, since the Congo was said to harbor two strange strains of the gorilla 'family' that had been uncatalogued by mainstream scientists. James/Arnes were thrilled about the chance to encounter two new species strains of gorilla and take notes on any parallels with human-gorilla observations taken from already-categorized strains or species of gorilla. They'd no idea what they're about to encounter in that lush Congo rainforest during their expedition, and the only record of their experience was the journal discovered while searching for their disappeared bodies two years later.

JAMES: This will be a boon to animal studies for anthropology.
ARNES: I hope these two hypothetical gorilla species are manageable.
JAMES: C'mon, what can go wrong (we have guns/flares)?
ARNES: Never underestimate ignorance, James.

James/Arnes did the inconceivable and discovered the two uncategorized gorilla species in the Congo rainforest. One was a very rich dark black colored strain, darker than the ones known/cataloged, while the other was a pale gray color strain, though the two strains/species were comparable in size and overall demeanor. James/Arnes took voracious notes about the behavior trends and tendencies of both gorilla species for what would certainly be a Nobel-winning expedition. They named the black strain the the G. dolehi and the gray strain the G. growteri.

JAMES: The 'dolehi' are more diplomatic but equally inquisitive.
ARNES: The 'growteri' are radical/liberal but equally secretive.

James/Arnes noticed horrifying traits after their first 'normal' notes-sessions while 'spying' on the dolehi/growteri species of gorillas in the Congo rainforest which up to now had yielded 'normal' notes (more-or-less!). These new observed traits were quite robust...and frightening. The dolehi for example practices watching the growteri passing by and sometimes opts to clap its hands loudly as if to declare a crossing between the two species; this is not diplomacy but rather conspicuous wrath. The growteri meanwhile exhibit two very alarming behaviors, one social and one physical in nature. The first trend is for a growteri male to force a female growteri to 'watch' while he impregnates a rival growteri female (social wrath). The other is to light fires (quite intelligently!) in the lower-body regions (below waist!) of competing/rival male growteri.

JAMES: The dolehi clapping is loud and disarming, right?
ARNES: This says nothing about the growteri cousin's two horns of fury.

James/Arnes had no choice at this point but to conclude there's something very abnormal going-on in the Congo rainforest, because of the unusual/nonstandard behaviors carried-on by the dolehi/growteri. This observation compelled them to conclude that these two Congo gorilla species were somehow tapping into a form of mentalism that was as of now considered a primarily human activity/consciousness domain --- the accessing of evil thoughts. James/Arnes really didn't know how to coordinate the notion that ideas about 'animal intelligence' or 'animal evil' might induce new studies/notes into the nature of evil diasporas in the entire circle of life on Earth!

JAMES: We'll either win the Nobel or be ostracized, Arnes.
ARNES: Well, I've a new fear --- these strains are getting more violent.

Two years later, when James/Arnes simply and oddly vanished, having ceased all laptop/e-communications to Harvard, a search-party was sent to the Congo. Their bodies were never found. However, their journal was indeed found and it contained a really haunting entry about the implications of 'moral danger' in pursuing this line of anthropological inquiry in the modern rainforest, and it would affect many dinner-table conversations among animal-scientists/anthropologists for years to come. This is the only 'record' of what James/Arnes actually thought while organizing their somewhat 'odd' conclusions in the Congo.

JOURNAL ENTRY: "We're certain now, more than ever before, that the ominous observations regarding the two uncategorized strains/species of gorilla in the Congo (the G. dolehi and the G. growteri) somehow accessing the 'consciousness of evil' or absolutely unprogrammed or 'free-will' imaginations of antisocial anarchy or liberal rebelliousness (not unlike in humans!) has led us to some kind of 'moral danger' as well as mortal danger, since perhaps we're opening Pandora's Box in evaluating how two animal-clans/species coexisting have developed 'uncanny' senses in the flowery of dark dimensions; we fear we'll somehow be 'swallowed' by the darkness of this deliberately disparate Congo-study."


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