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A Horrible Christmas

I would need your help! Every year I do a event around Christmas time with 10-15 friends where we watch horror movies to celebrate Christmas. We call the event Horriblement NoŽl (french for Horribly Christmas).

One of the movies we watch that night is also a game. The game is different from year to year, but the most fun we've had was with slasher movies where you'd have to bet on which character would survive the longest. Everytime a character would die we'd pause the movie and the person or people who's character just died would pick a gift from the gift exchange. The person who bets on the character that survives the longest get the last gift, but also takes home the official Horribly Christmas trophy, which he must modify in some way and bring back the next year to give to the next survivor!

This year will be our 7th edition, and I'm running out of ideas for movies, which is why I need your help. I would want to go back to slasher movies like I just described because in the last couple of years I sometimes tried other games which weren't as fun. So I'd need suggestions for slasher movies, but not any slasher movie. Some of the movies that were great for that were Black Christmas and Battle Royale (it's better if the movie is about Christmas, but it doesn't have to be).

What's important is that the slasher movie must have a defined list of characters that are going to die, and the characters should all be there from the start if possible, so we can shout for the killer not to get to our character (it's a little bit like watching hockey!). If possible it'd be great if the list of characters that die would already be available somewhere, with pictures, so I wouldn't have to watch the movie to make the list, that way I could play with everyone else.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!! Thanks!!!

If you like the concept, you can like the Facebook Page. It's all french for now, but if I see that other people are interested and are doing event of their own I could make the page more active, with sections for people to post pictures of their events, and movie suggestions...
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Silent Night, Deadly Night.
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I have a CHristmas DVD that I watch part of every year - here the lastest version:

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Thanks Mike! We've watched Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 years ago, but it makes me think, I don't think we watched the second Silent Night, Deadly Night movie.

Thanks drunk dude... I'll keep that in mind... Maybe...

Thanks Ferox!!! Great list you've got there, I'll check them out!!!
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It would be good to list the movies you've already used.
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christmas, killer, slasher

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