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Hank Oreman-Byington

HANK OREMAN-BYINGTON. Hank Oreman-Byington resided in East Tennessee, attending his freshman year at local community college Walter State in 1971. During the schools first years of being open, many safety and health violations went unnoticed by careless staff members. Sadly, Hank died after inhaling fumes in the humanities building after the school refused to install fume detectors. After Hanks body was discovered, the art teachers disposed of his body in the ceramics kiln to avoid legal consequences or the school possibly getting shut down so early after just opening. After Hanks body Disintegrated, the teacher scraped up his ashy remains and sculpted him into a clay pot at an attempt to erase all evidence. Walter State is still open today. Hank never received justice, to this day art students desecrate Hanks grave everyday by using the same kiln he was Massacred in. Multiple reports from students and janitorial staff reports sounds of knocking, scratching, and screams escaping from the kiln in the ceramics room. Do you dare visit the ceramics room after school hours?
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