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Identifying something from TV in the 90s

In the 90s I had seem something on TV around midnight that really spooked me. I'm very interested to find out what it was. Unfortunately I can only recall this from memory:

A mother prepared a sandwich for her adult-like son with a mental disability. She brought it to his room, placed it on a side table, and asked what he was doing. His back was turned to her.

She walks up to him slowly to see what he was fiddling with, upon coming to view over one of his shoulders, he turns and appears to be holding a bloody human heart, I seem to recall it may have had plastic around it too, as if he was trying to place it in plastic packaging like an action figure.

She grabs her chest where her heart would be, and dies. Soon after this, the family holds a funeral for her, and the father is seen at home checking on the son. He finds him grieving holding a photo of what I think is the mother. The father puts his arm around him for comfort, and the son shouts "BRING!" while cradling the photo. A rotting corpse then appears on a rocking chair in the room. The son freaks out, and the father grabs him close and shields his eyes and says something like "Go away, go away!"

Unfortunately the TV was turned off at this point, and that's all the information I have. I don't know if it was a TV series or a movie. Hoping someone has insight on what this was.

Thank you!
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Sounds good but not ringing any bells. Sorry
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