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It Stops Now

Once again HDC descends into the cesspool...This is going to stop NOW.

It's a shame that certain people on this site have to be reminded and told to respect one another, it's a shame that a bunch of "adults" can descend into such childish bickering, it's a shame some people feel the need to start arguments for seemingly no other reason than the fact that they can.

From now on, anyone who maliciously insults someone (including spammers, new members..) or tries to start a fight for ANY reason, it's goodbye. No ifs, No buts. You can come back with a different name, but do it again and you're gone again. No matter WHO you are, how long you have been here or what your reasons are...No more bullshit...We're ALL sick of it.

If you can't respect each other and their opinions, whether you agree with them or not, then you are no longer welcome here. Speaking your mind is one thing, disrespecting other people is something else and no longer acceptable. You can let someone know how you feel without being childish and malicious about it. Criticize whatever you want, however you want to. But DON'T criticize each other...


The RIGHT way = "That movie/music/whatever sucks"
The WRONG way = "YOU suck because you like that music/movie/whatever"

You are all intelligent enough to figure out the differences.

Debates are not only acceptable, they are ENCOURAGED. Sharing different views and opinions is enlightening and interesting BUT it doesn't have to be done with insults. Debates can and HAVE become 'heated' without getting insulting and disrespectful.

Present your views as forcefully as you feel you need to, but leave the 'personal insults' out. If you still have a problem then send it in a PM and deal with it off the forum out of respect for the people who do NOT care about your hatred for each other and do not want to read about it. If someone receives a PM that is insulting, send a PM to a moderator about it. Don't post about it on the board as that serves no purpose except to piss people off.

We know that many of you won't like this and we resent the fact that it has to be this way because of the actions of some people...Those who can't or won't grow up (you know who you are). A few bad apples always spoil the bunch unless they are removed in time...We have lost enough good members, now it's time to lose the bad ones.

For those of you about to scream "Freedom of Speech!" and you feel that your rights have been trampled on, just remember...One person's rights end where the other person's rights begin. As you have a right to say whatever you like, others have a right not to be degraded, humiliated, attacked, insulted and otherwise disrespected.

Any arguments that were ongoing are now over, should you feel the need to continue it....it will not be on the open forums.

From this post everyone has a clean record, fall foul and you will be warned then banned (though we reserve the right to ban immediately).

P.S. Anyone who is in desperate need of showing their various body parts can do so at hotornot.com, that is why that site exists....but it is not why this site is here. HDC is also not a dating service, so if you wish to treat it as such then use pm's not the forum.

This was a collaborative effort as ALL moderating decisions should be. No favoritism, no bias, just an outline of what will and will not be tolerated.
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female members have the right to frequent the forum without having to put up with harassment.
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why do i have to bump this?

why do we need to have a regulary spat of bannings?
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