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Old 10-21-2011, 07:36 PM
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Miss Macabre?!?!?

Didn't she use to post here?
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Old 10-21-2012, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by newb View Post
Miss Macabre?!?!?

Didn't she use to post here?
Used to, yeah. Here have an art thing.

I took a pretty cool picture at an even called Drawn and Plastered at Fan Expo. It turned out blurry though, so I made this out of it.
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Old 12-07-2012, 12:11 PM
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Love it! I thought I was the only one doing MS Paint zombies and such. (only because no one ever talks about it lol)
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Old 04-30-2013, 12:37 PM
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Great work

Keep it going, if you make more then please contact me and send some pictures, would love to see how you progress. :D
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Old 05-01-2013, 05:43 AM
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Yes, keep posting artwork. Being an artist and horror fan, I love it and would love seeing more. I'll search around and see what I can find

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