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Hey guys, need some help with a movie

Hello everyone, i m new here and i ask for some help with a movie that come on tv around the 80's or 70's, what i remember of the movie was some bits of the tv trailer and a scene, was in an appartment building that got attacked by a gang of vampires/demons and i think they only can come at night not sure if was once at a year, but they have to survive till sunrise, they look like regular gang, and the scene was that some of the people knocked a neighbor that was a veteran in wheelchair to let them get inside, they was chased by this gang, i remember perfectly this he saids that he was always prepared for everything, has a cat to eat the food incase was poisoned and he has a bird in case of was some gas. Well that's all what i can remember, thanks a lot if someone can tell me the name i always wanted to finished to watch that movie.
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Near Dark or Vamp, maybe.
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Thanks for the help Angra, but i have seen those and non of those are
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