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What's your "favorite" lovecraft movie, not the most successful one, but the one that you can watch multiple times? My personal favorites are THE DUNWICH HORROR and THE HAUNTED PALACE. "FROM BEYOND" and "THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE" were cool, but they tried to hard. Here's hoping that DEL TORO gets to make "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS".
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good stuff of course, goes without saying
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Inspired movies:
Evil Dead 2
In the Mouth of Madness

There might be third one I canít remember right now.
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Call of Cthulhu

All the Stuart Gordon Stuff

The Colour out of Space
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Cool Air was also cool. Sorta short, 50 minutes of something. Not a faithful adaptation, but Jack Donner (R.I.P.) was brilliant there!

There are tons of other HPL adaptations that I enjoyed too.
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Dagon musthave been the heartof all this. So much influence and heroism.
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