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Creature from Black Lagoon site

Very cool site about our favorite Black Lagoon resident:

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cool....The Creature was always one of my favorites. And I have NO recollection of the Creature with Abbott and Costello. Would love to see it.
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The Creature From The Black Lagoon has always been one of my favorites.

Got it on DVD along with the sequels The Creature Walks Among Us and Revenge Of the Creature.
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I had the Creature Walks Among Us on 8mm. The Creature doesn't get the respect he deserves. He's caught in the middle of the really poor sci-fi's of the 50s.
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buy or watch all three in the trilogy

very good..
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Thumbs up

Big Creature fan. A great film for introducing horror to little kids, too.

Macready, are the sequels that different from the original?
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they all go together just fine

2nd one they get back on a boat with the same skipper to find the creature again.. they use te same diver/swimmer and the third is weird but works..

I still need to see the minsters episode where the creature makes a guest appearance ..
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LOVE the CREATURE films...one of Universal's best monsters hands down.
There's been talk since the late 70's of remaking it-personally, hope it's left alone.
Thanks for showing this.
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Creature Lives!

Very big creature fan! The Black Lagoon is where I plan to retire someday...

I'd like to see a new updated version, but I'm sure they would botch it with over-effects and bad acting. Careful what we wish for...
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The Creature is one of the best. I know if they include him in the remake with those other Universal Monsters it won't be good. Hollywood in general just doesn't make good classic horror, 80s, or B Adventure horror type movies anymore. You would have to find a real director that gets it. Someone like a Quentin Tarantino or Ridley Scott.
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