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black sabbath

Originally Posted by Monkey Astronaut View Post
The Vault of Horror based on the EC Comics series was pretty good. Plus one of the stories features Doctor Who's Tom Baker!

Roger Corman's Tales of Terror was fun and stars Basil Rathbone, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre so it's definitely worth checking out.

Jane Fonda starred in Spirits of the Dead based on Edgar Allan Poe short stories.

Dead of Night is fantastic especially the ventriloquist's dummy story.

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are both in The House That Dripped Blood which was written by Robert Bloch.

Flesh and Fantasy starring Edward G. Robinson is worth checking out.

Vincent Price stars in all three stories as well as narratives Twice-Told Tales.

Tales That Witness Madness starred Donald Pleasence, Joan Collins and Kim Novak.

Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence were also in The Uncanny.

Black Sabbath is excellent. Boris Karloff was incredible in The Wurdalak and the old ladies corpse in The Drop of Water was gruesome looking.

I remember enjoying Torture Garden and the casting was phenomenal; Burgess Meredith, Jack Palance, and Peter Cushing!
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