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Vincent Price is one of those actors I just can't get enough of, I think The Tingler might be my favoutate but ask me tommorow and I'll probably say a different film. When you see clips of him just talking as himself though he just seems like he was one of the nicest most humble most lovable guys in the world, Peter Cushing gave of the same kind of vibe too.
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vinny the P.

The comedy of terrors just might be my favorite "vinny" movie of all time. With boris karloff, basil rathbone, and peter lorre in his last movie,it ranks way up there. And don't forget about 'rubarb" the cat.
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I like Theatre of Blood the best. When he is reciting Shakespeare he could be a genuine Shakespearen actor and its got the late Diana Rigg (the best Bond girl there was) and loads of British Comedy Actors, like Arthur Lowe and Eric Sykes, and they get killed in gruesome ways.
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Great actor, was gonna watch House on Haunted Hill sometime soon.
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The Tingler is amusing, because the director William Castle had funny gimmicks. He often appeared at the start of his movies to tease the viewer.
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I usually go on a Vincent Price watching spree every few years.

My fav Price films
House of Wax
Pit and the Pendulum
Tales of Terror
Diary of a Madman
The Comedy of Terrors
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
Witchfinder General
Theatre of Blood
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