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Where can I post my horror website?

Hello, I have a horror website. But I am german so I write in Deutsch. I just wanted to post it on here in case there are also any German speakers or readers on here.

Basically, I write about horror/suspense/thriller films and critique them. Might be helpful for those who want to know about horror movies in foreign languages.
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Where you can post your horror website? On your horror website, spammer!!

No, itís cool. Youíre posting it in the right place.
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But heed our warning. Posting website addresses here costs two fingers, an eyeball, a testicle and your left pinky toe.
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Okay, so if anyone's interested. It's https://tombornemann123.hpage.de/willkommen.html

For horror movie reviews in German.

I created this using the hPage.com website builder
Create a free website - hPage.com

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