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cool tcm release.
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Cool The Heart:Final Pulse

A new slasher film shot in the traditions of the classic Friday the 13th, Halloween, and My Bloody Valentine films with an original story about a former lieutenant returning from war after he was shot in the heart, and the bullet mending his heart together being the only thing keeping him alive. He blames another returning soldier, Jericho, on his condition, and sets out to kill Jericho, his friends, and anybody who gets in the way. It is scheduled to be released on January 12th of the coming new year. Here is its latest trailer:

https://www.facebook.com/RBGvlogs/vi...71600/?__cft__[0]=AZXJ4jwzaMmxlTRJJMWibe8Jd7thu-Q00Xs08vMCS4Swmx5A36irL9buniNN9xA2HGpY5jDCfFOj303X p7kiEcGxhA-jAG5uaDRnFfaqlDMrAdthERpVQ46icpWnh7sUtOCRKnBcmSV8D XVW45wAAT84uKKwmPiFlbfyR3ef1UptJ9yw0lqgiaPu38stQvn AF1qSLGur0BLs9giFFWSL0gbx&__tn__=-UK-R

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