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Finally Found You

How's it going my horror lovers. If you feel that you are a "true" fan of the genre; then I have been looking for you for more than a decade. I've given well over 14 years of my life creating something original every year for Halloween. The only thing I regret is that it has taken me this long to find a pulse here on Horror.com. But, better late than never.

What to expect from this experience? A style of horror music that you've never heard before; aided by some of the best horror clips I could put together. My goal has always been to give true horror fans an outlet for their horror ish energy. While at the same time, turning most horror fans onto movies they may have never heard of before. This is not only organic but an genuine attempt to move the needle.

So come if you dare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86WaJ_p-HU

And you like it: Join, Spread and Infect. I have needed wind beneath my sails on this for too long.
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hell o
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Welcome to the forum :)
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dark, horror, horror movie fans

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