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My name is Mi though Iím comfortable going by Skovand in the forums. Obviously joined because I am a fan of horror and dark fictional entertainment. I donít really have a favorite genre of horror but rather watch almost everything as long as itís not whatís commonly referred to as ď torture pornĒ. Or at least not the ones Iíve seen or started watching. I could not stand films like Hostel. Though itís not the gore and suffering that puts me off itís thst often the films seem to have no real story or character development and itís just shocking for the sake of being shocking.

But for the most part I enjoy all horror from older black and white stuff to anime to horror comedy and so on. Probably like many in their 30s and younger I grew up on goosebumps, fear street and at night watched older things like tales
From the crypt, outer limits, twilight zone and tales from the dark side.I still remember when I was about 8 in school twice I got in trouble because of horror. One time was when I was suppose to pick a superhero and talk about their powers and how I would use them and I picked Freddy Kruger, not as a hero but as a chapter I viewed as having cool super powers and I explained how every night I would create horror worlds for me and my friends, and those I did not like and even speculated on could I visit my dogs dreams and see if he remembered my other dog that died and if through those memories my dead dog could survive in a dream world and we play together. The other was one of those games wjere they hand out papers with a line or shape on them and you have to create something from that. I drew sone kind of big toothed monster eating someone. For whatever backward reasons it was concerning to the teachers and I was sort of scolded for it scolded for it.

So basically my whole life I have always enjoyed horror. Now days I enjoy it for some mindless simplistic entertainment but I really enjoy movies and books where they apply tropes and patterns, or inversions of them, throughout the film. I really like contextual analysis and interpretation centered around established themes that hyperlink back to other stories. Stuff that the typical person may miss or not think much about. Not that Iím a expert by any means it just adds that extra stimulating layer to films for me. So I really like not only watching films and reading books but also listening to commentaries and interviews on them.

Another niche thing is really into that may or may not be something many others are is tracing out the horror themes of Judaism and Christianity through their appropriation ( non negative attachment for me with that word ) from Mesopotamian and Egyptian faiths along with other cultural philosophical movements like how they used a lot of greek thoughts at times. I enjoy the way Peter Law employs these tactics with his ď Creepy Cove Community ď podcast and in the same the way that horror also reflects societal pressures you also see it within religion as well. Such as Frank Peretti and and Tim Lehayeís works and how it shaped modern Christian thought.

Outside of horror and religious studies I am a science nerd. I read more science nonfiction than anything. My favorite subject is evolution and my favorite subcategories of evolution is coevolution of native flora and fauna, convergent evolution and using that knowledge to help with landscape designs and nature preserves. I read a lot of keys and guides for southeastern USA. Constantly handling snakes and spiders. Spend a lot of time in old grow to forests, coastal Sandhills, bogs and swamps. Big into foraging.

Anyways hello others.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum
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