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Taken 2

Given that Taken has so far raked in $192 million worldwide ($119 mil of that from the U.S. alone) and is still in the top five releases at the domestic box office in its sixth week of release, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that 20th Century Fox would like to be "taken" again.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the studio is already developing a sequel to Taken, with the original film's screenwriter, Robert Mark Kamen, set to script the follow-up.

The paper adds that veteran scribe Kamen is also scripting an Americanized remake of the Luc Besson-produced French thriller District B13.

No word yet if star Liam Neeson or director Pierre Morel, who also helmed District B13, will be re-Taken or if Fox will move in a new direction with the sequel.
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So they have already planned on making a new one, i havent even seen the first one yet, damn
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Originally Posted by davidd60 View Post
So they have already planned on making a new one, i havent even seen the first one yet, damn
See it. It's a blast!
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Good news, loved Taken.
District B13 doesn't need a remake. It was an awful film with a premise not good enough for a remake.

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