Underworld: Evolution - Exclusive Coverage

Underworld: Evolution - Exclusive Coverage
Videos from the world premiere and behind the scenes of Underworld: Evolution.
Updated: 01-18-2006

In 2003, the war between vampires and werewolves grabbed the attention of horror fans when "Underworld" hit movie theaters around the world. Years have passed, but the war between immortals rages on. Kate Beckinsale (Selene) and Scott Speedman (Michael) return to battle in this weekend's big release, "Underworld: Evolution".

Horror.com has a ton of exclusive coverage from this new Underworld film for you. Check out our exclusive interviews and coverage from the World Premiere, a visit to the set of the film during the shooting, and a video that takes you behind the scenes - with a look at the special effects and other elements that it took to bring "Underworld: Evolution" to life. Click away, friends!


Underworld: Evolution World Premiere
Kate Beckinsale + Scott Speedman + Len Wiseman + Tony Curran +
Eli Roth + Ron Perlman + Bai Ling + More

Underworld: Evolution Interviews
Click The Image Above To View Underworld: Evolution Premiere.

The Making Of Underworld: Evolution:
Underworld: Evolution Making Of
Click The Image Above To View The Making Of Underworld: Evolution.

Underworld: Evolution Set Visit:
Underworld: Evolution Set Visit
Click The Image Above To View The Underworld: Evolution Set Visit.

To read Staci's "Underworld: Evolution" review for Horror.com, check back soon!

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seen it its awsum[/B]
06-29-2006 by :x:darkened:x: discuss
Ill see it. The first was great, IMO.
01-27-2006 by The_Return discuss
01-23-2006 by Zero discuss
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero [/i] [B]i found the first one a bit goofy - but i'll probably see the 2nd (if just for kate in leather) [/B][/QUOTE] agreed....she's a hotty. nice try zero
01-23-2006 by newb discuss
i found the first one a bit goofy - but i'll probably see the 2nd (if just for kate in leather)
01-23-2006 by Zero discuss