Tokyo Wonder Festival 2005

Tokyo Wonder Festival 2005
Exclusive coverage from Wonder Fest summer 2005 in Tokyo Japan - 100's of pictures!
Updated: 02-23-2006

On Sunday, August 21, 2005, tens of thousands of model fans descended on Tokyo Big Site for the Summer 2005 Wonder Festival. Wonder Fest is an event held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan, where model makers show off their creations. This event is targeted toward independent and garage modelers, so you get to see a lot of interesting one of a kind models. If you're lucky (and fast) you even have a chance to buy some of these amazing creations.

The makeup of the Summer 2005 event included independents who had only a few one of a kind items (action figures, sculptures, strange creatures, etc.) to show or sell, people who took kits of their favorite characters and painted them custom and wanted to show them off, companies showing new models, dealers selling classic kits, small companies trying to get their name out, cosplayers, cosplay fans, collectors, and many others.

The event was held at the massive Tokyo Big Site exhibition hall and the sheer number of booths was staggering. No matter how many pictures we would have taken, it would only have been a small sample of what was actually at the show.

Rather that write a bunch of text, we'll let the pictures do the talking. We've got almost 300 exclusive pictures from the Wonder Festival show in the gallery.

If you know anything about the models in any picture, please feel free to post about them in the comments section for that picture. There were a lot of amazing models to see, and we were not able to get literature for most of the pictures we took, so post away in the gallery if you know about the models!

Enough text, click the link to view the
Tokyo Wonder Festival 2005 Model Show Pictures.

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