Tokyo Toy Fest 2005 Pictures

Tokyo Toy Fest 2005 Pictures
Exclusive pictures and coverage from Tokyo Toy Festival #13.
Updated: 08-30-2005

Tokyo Toy Festival #13 took place Sunday August 28, 2005 at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan. The show is a place where Japanese toy and model dealers, manufacturers, toy stores, and independents come to sell their stuff, show upcoming releases, and see and be seen. was there and we have close to 100 exclusive Tokyo Toy Fest pictures to share.

This version of Toy Fest featured a talk by Hiroshi Miyauchi a "Masked Rider" from the classic Japanese show, various J-Pop stars and J-actresses including Mio Matsuoka, more vintage Star Wars toys than you could ever want to see, and a lot of cool booths including one run by the famous Inukuma toy store featuring some of their huge manga and anime statues.

The Toy Fest pics that we got show a variety of the vintage Japanese figures, monster and anime toys, models, capsule toys, clothing, stuffed creatures, J-girls, and a variety of other random stuff. It would have been impossible to take pictures of everything going on at the show, but you should get an idea. If you ever get a chance, don't miss attending!

Here are the Toy Fest Pics.

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