Japanese Comics Imprint Launches Horror Manga

Japanese Comics Imprint Launches Horror Manga
Cocoro Books' first two releases feature red snakes and bug boys.
Updated: 10-07-2003

Tokyo-based comic house cocoro books has launched their Horror Manga line with two new horror-themed graphic novels which they describe as "disturbing".

The first, "The Red Snake", focuses on a serpent which absorbs and personifies the evil in a house, unleashing murder and mayhem. The second comic, "The Bug Boy" tells the story of an lonely, bug-loving boy whose life changes when an insect sting turns him into a giant poisonous bug.

An imprint of DH Publishing, cocoro books was created to "to introduce modern Japan through its media, its people, its traditions and its popular culture and subcultures." According to the publishers, "cocoro" in Japanese "can mean heart, mind, feeling, intention, etc." The gist is that DH Publishing hopes that through cocoro, they can give Westerners a glimpse at the heart of Japanese pop culture.

Source: Silver Bullet Comics, DH Publishing

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