In Their Skin - Fast 5 Questions with James D'Arcy

In Their Skin - Fast 5 Questions with James D'Arcy
Updated: 10-31-2012


I met James D'Arcy a few months ago on a short film shoot at my friend Emma Jacobs' place, and learned that D'Arcy was playing Psycho-era Anthony Perkins in the upcoming film, Hitchcock. I'm seeing Hitchcock on Friday and am really looking forward to it, especially now that I've seen D'Arcy's work in In Their Skin, a psychological home-invasion thriller [read my review here]. Here are some of the actor's thoughts, HDC "Fast 5" style, on the film which is available on demand.
-- Is the 'bad guy' an easier role for you as an actor, or is it more difficult in that such characters are often larger than life?
D'ARCY: I try not to judge the characters I'm playing as either good or bad. Sometimes (as in this case) they do very bad things, and that leads to interesting complexity. It's always fun to try to explore that and attempt to bring truth to it.
-- How did you come into the project, and what was it like acting in so many intense scenes with the screenwriter?
D'ARCY: I met Jeremy and Josh, having read the script. At that time, the role was conceived as a bulldozer "redneck" and I felt it could be more layered than that if we explored the idea of actually attempting to become the family as it were. Josh immediately leapt on the idea and ran with it, so it became a very satisfying collaboration working with him.
-- For me, it's what you didn't see and what didn't happen (such as the degrading 'rape' miming scene) which sets In Their Skin apart from most thrillers. How would you describe it to the horror fan, who might be expecting a gory home invasion movie like The Strangers?
D'ARCY: Hopefully it has some of the elements you might be hoping for in this type of film, but told in a freshly creepy way!
-- What's your own personal favorite (memorable) home invasion or hostage thriller movie?
D'ARCY: It's hard to get away from FUNNY GAMES. I think Michael Haneke is a genius.
-- What's your next challenge in film.
D'ARCY: I'm playing Anthony Perkins in the new film HITCHCOCK. Who wouldn't want to be on a set with Anthony Hopkins dressed up as the great Alfred Hitchcock directing them?
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