Stephen King Gives "Twilight" Writer a Thumbs Down

Stephen King Gives "Twilight" Writer a Thumbs Down
Horror legend gives Rowling props, but Meyer - not so much.
Updated: 02-09-2009

Scary scribe Stephen King doesn't think much of "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer. In an interview with USA Weekend, King remarked:

"Both Rowling and Meyer, they're speaking directly to young people. . . . The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good."

King went on to say that both Rowling and Meyer wrote compelling stories, and that Meyer had a definite appeal to young women.

"People are attracted by the stories, by the pace, and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it's very clear that she's writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books."

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I was so glad to hear that out of him.
03-16-2009 by Doc Faustus discuss
twilight was a terrible movie.
twilight sucked period.
03-16-2009 by lucifreek discuss