Friday The 13th 2009 Interviews

Friday The 13th 2009 Interviews

Interviews with Derek Mears, Amanda Righetti, and other Friday The 13th cast members.

Updated: 02-13-2009

Guess what? It's Friday the 13th! You know what that means to horror fans - lots of slashing fun with Jason at the movie theater. This weekend's edition of Friday The 13th is not a sequel, but a remake of the original -- and now classic -- film from 1980. The new version has an updated cast and updated special effects, but it still has the same goal as every Friday the 13th movie - to scare you to death.

So, what was it like remaking one of the classic horror movies of the 1980's? We sat down with some of the members of the new cast to find out. Here's what Derek Mears (Jason), Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, and Danielle Panabaker had to say about their experiences on Friday The 13th 2009:

Friday The 13th 2009 Interviews

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