3D Zombie Puppet Musical in the Works!

3D Zombie Puppet Musical in the Works!
Updated: 01-26-2011


John Skipp’s ROSE: the 3D Zombie Puppet Musical just received a strong vote of confidence from fellow zombie author and horror legend Brian Keene (The Rising), who rallied his troops behind Skipp’s ambitious Kickstarter campaign.
Keene, widely credited as having helped launch the new wave of modern zombie mania, has a vast and uniquely loyal following, bonded under the banner F.U.K.U. (Fans ‘uv Keene United).
Today, on Keene’s thriving online horror community website, The Keenedom, he issued the following call to action:
“Let’s make this happen, folks! Each of us can easily contribute a dollar. If each and every one of you will do that, we’ll have no problem reaching the goal.”
This is the same approach Skipp is taking with zombie walk groups worldwide, with the added incentive of featuring actual zombie walk footage from contributing groups in his film.
And as an additional incentive, Skipp has released “Empty Vessel”, the first single from the soundtrack to Rose, on the free music site SoundCloud. “It’s a punked-out psychedelic calling card,” he says, “just to give you a weird taste of the fun. Feel free to pass it around!”



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